The Empowered Program

I.Lead and YES, in colloboration with Cam Calkoen, are proud to announce The Empowered Program!

Cam was born with Cerebral Palsy and his life has been “normal” for him since birth & his life would have carried on in whatever direction he chose to take it. The fact that Cam chose to extend himself way out of his comfort zone to have done the two things doctors said he would never be able to do, and to a very high level (running & speaking) means the message he delivers is very powerful and unique.

We are incredibly lucky to have Cam delivering this program for I.Lead members!

After 18 months people have been told what they CAN’T DO. This is all about what you CAN DO! Participants will gain inspiration, motivation, accountability, connections, tips, tools and models to:
  • Dream big achieve more: covering the themes of Goal Setting, Confidence and Resilience
  • Turn rejection into affection: covering the themes of Communication, Reimagine, Embracing opportunities
  • Bend perception eliminate assumption: covering the themes of Be extraordinary, Embrace Vulnerability, Inspire
  • Live for awesome: Excellence, Attitude, Service Above Self

Auckland workshop for the program is on August 22 to 23rd, and participants will attend an in-person session generally every 10 weeks, with regular videos to continue the inspiration and motivation. They’ll be able to set goals, build dreams and lay the foundation to live for awesome. At the end of the program, attendees will be invited to a very special graduation ceremony to celebrate their success. If you are worried about travel, attendance and other expenses, NOT TO WORRY, as they are entirely covered.  Therefore, this Empowered program is not to be missed!

Our August Intake is now full.  But if you are interested in future Empowered Programs, please fill out the application form at Also, make sure you BECOME A MEMBER to hear more.