Youth Week 2024!

"We may not have it all together, but together we have it all!"

For Youth Week 2024 (20-26 May), we are releasing a video series of our I.Lead committee members on social media. Each one will emphasise their work, and their mission is to present that young disabled people can make positive changes together while they may feel unheard or alone.

All posted content will have captions and audio aids for any deaf or blind watchers. Social media is extremely accessible to disabled youth. As this campaign will be established by members of the I.Lead committee, who are all disabled, the creation and delivery of this campaign will be done in an accessible manner. 


Halberg Games is a three-day national sports tournament for young athletes aged 8-21 with a physical disability or visual impairment. It includes spectacular opening and closing ceremonies, and the athletes will compete in regional teams with their competitive spirit. This year, the event will take place from April 19th to April 21st. To register, please go to