I.Drive Licensing Program

Gaining your Driver’s License is one of the biggest starter milestones in starting you on your journey towards independence.
YES is now running our I.Drive Licensing Program on a bi-monthly basis over a two-day workshop, that is interactive and comprehensive to support you in attaining your Learners license. 
The workshop includes:
  • Going through the New Zealand Road Code in a hands-on and easy learning manner
  • Participants will be given a take home workbook
  • Free pizza for lunch
  • Support booking your test (First attempt is free!)

Visit our Events Page to register for your desired course, or contact Abdulla: abdulla@yesdisability.org.nz for more info.


2024 Course Dates: 

Learners License: Tuesday, 16th & Wednesday, 17th April 2024

(South Auckland) Learners License: Tuesday 7th & 8th May 2024

Learners License: Tuesday, 4th & Wednesday, 5th June 2024

Learners License: Tuesday, 6th & Wednesday, 7th August 2024

Learners License: Tuesday, 1st & Wednesday, 2nd October 2024

Restricted/Full License: Please contact Abdulla for course dates

Can’t make it to the North Shore? Please let us know and we will aim to bring the course to a venue near you!