“Fala Talanoa” I.Lead Pasifica

Last Week I.Lead was proud to host another Pasifika I.Lead event called “Fala Talanoa” or “Mat Talks”, with the likes of Pati Umaga, Tenei “10A” Kesha, and even Brotha D featuring as part of this amazing event.

I.Lead held its second I.Lead Pasifika event, “Fala Talanoa”, where we brought together 20 pasifika youth with disabilities to discuss their experiences on the trials they faced as youth with disabilities within their own cultural communities.

We then had the opportunity to work with Disability Advocate Powerhouse, Pati Umaga, and world renowned music producer, Tenei “10A” Kesha, to produce a song based around resilience and leadership, with the voices of our pasifika youth with disabilities at the forefront of the entire song.

It was a very eye-opening experience. Participants were not only able to be part of the music production process, but they were also given the opportunity to learn new skills and awaken dormant ones within themselves. The concensus in the room was that when the song was finally polished up and shown at the end of Day 2, no one could believe what had been produced, let alone the fact that they were the ones producing it.

The end product was crisp and professional, yet showed all the grittiness and emotion behind our stories and experiences. Many of the young people that helped create the song from lyricists, to rappers, to instrumentalists, all saw what they were able to accomplish and achieve.

I looked around the room and saw pride in the work they had produced, and a spark awaken in the young peoples eyes that showed me a new passion and prupose was ignited within them.

This is what I.Lead is about overall, providing opportunity for youth with disabilities to learn new skills, igniting a passion not only to advocate for themselves and their peers, but to also lead meaningful, fulfilling lives.