Shaping Up to be a Solid Year


WE ARE BACK!! And absolutely stoked about what’s to come this year.

This year is shaping up to be a solid year of work for us on the front lines of change. We will soon be rolling out consultation workshops with the Office of Disability Issues to change their name. This will be the first of many opportunities throughout the year where we will be looking for YOUR VOICE in helping to lead the movement. This is just one way that we are looking to address some of the recommendations coming out of the I.Lead conference last year. We will be looking to all the young people who attended, and even those who were not in the room, but are still excited to jump in and make the change.

There will also be opportunities to create a cohesive unit of game changers throughout the country as we begin to assist regions and organizations to roll out their own Youth Engagement Groups. They would be quite similar to the founding I.LEAD Committee, but are sure to come with their own unique characteristics, personalties, play styles and strategies on how they see change in their respective organizations, communities and regions.

This year is our year, and it’s time for us to get in th hot seat, ask the hard question, make the hard decision, and come out leaders of a new way of thinking, dreaming and living. Here’s to 2020. Here’s to I.LEAD!!!