I.Ta’Ita’Ia | Pasifika I.Lead

I.LEAD is still at the forefront of creating change in government for all young people with disabilities, despite the barriers and challenges that this year has presented. And now we are proud to present: I.TA’ITA’IA, a symposium dedicated to Pasifika young people with disabilities.

It has been over two years since the I.LEAD conference, and the movement hasn’t stopped moving. We have gone on to be mentioned in both the Disability Employment Action Plan as well as the Youth Action Plan for Aoteroa as part of the Disability pillar. Through these documents, we have established stronger connections and bonds with central government individuals and agencies, furthering the reach of I.LEAD and the awesome work we do.

And now we will be establishing another long awaited intiative: I.TA’ITA’IA. “Ta’ita’ia” is Samoan for “Lead”, and this symposium is dedicated to provding a platform to amplify the voices of young pacific leaders in the disability community. Held on the 3rd and 4th of December, this symposium aims to help participants identify their cultural roots and heritage, the history of disability within their culture, and how they can proudly identify themselves as Pacific Peoples with Disabilities.

Being an Auckland based initiative, we hope to roll this out to the rest of the country throughout next year, alongside our other national initiatives like the formation of our Regional I.LEAD Committes and the National I.LEAD Network.