I.Lead – end of year update

As 2019 comes to a close, we look back on the successes of the I.LEAD movement. From talks around a boardroom over a year ago, to talks around the table at Parliament, and now to conversations about how to make the change with the help of Central Government, this year has seen young people with disabilities take charge in actively making change for themselves, their community, and for future generations to come.

It’s been a long journey, especially for those of us who were part of the inital boardroom conversations here at YES Disability. The development of this conversation into a full-blown conference was met with astounding enthusiasm. Giving the young people this platform to talk out the issues they face every day sparked a revolution for change. Allowing the young people to also talk of solutions to these issues gave them a sense of ownership and perupose over the direction of change they wanted to see made.

Here at I.LEAD HQ, we are still developing the report on each themed discussion that was had at the conference. With each report that we smash out, we begin to see the passion that our young people have for wanting to make change, Each statistic, each recommendation, everything from the voices of the young people are being funneled into these reports, with plans to distribute these wide and far. From there we will be looking to turning these recommendations into reality, with young people with disabilities at the forefront, working with Government to help make it happen.

And everyone is buzzed about what I.LEAD has in-store, especial Minister of Disability Issues, hon. Carmel Sepuloni, who raved about I.LEAD when asked what engagements and interactions she has had with young people with disabilties. All eyes are on us as young people with disabilities, with members of Central Government taking particular interest in what the future of our sector would look like and how we plan to implement our changes.

As the year comes to a close, it is important to recognize the strides we’ve taken, as well as the power and influence that our conversations down in Wellington have had on individuals, organizations and the sector in its entirety. With this in mind, I.LEAD HQ is looking forward to what’s to come in the new year, with many more trips to Wellington Central Government to talk more of how best to work in a co-creative space in making our recommendations a reality. We will also be touring all across the country, hoping to connect with organizations and young people from different areas, talking about how to make their own Youth Engagement Groups in their communities and region and how we can support that journey.

Things are shaping up to make for a busy and exciting 2020. It has been my personal privilege to have kept you all in the loop and up-to-date on everything I.LEAD throughout the year. My Name is Josh, and on behalf of everyone here at I.LEAD HQ, I would like to thank you for your support, commitment, and dedicationt to the cause for change, and wih you all a very merry festive season and all the best leading into the new year. See you back here in January 2020!!

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