Female Self Defence Course

I.Lead are excited to run our first ever Female Self Defense Course! This is not a course about becoming black belted street fighters, but instead learning about several strategies to stay safe.

With support from The Ministry of Woman, we are running a one day workshop on Tuesday 29th March at Shore Junction. The day will be run by self defense expert Ryan Hewitt and focuses on:

  • Use your Voices and bodies to establish safe boundaries
  • Trusting your instincts to avoid negative situations
  • Discourage potential threats
  • Defend yourself in a moment of danger
  • Get away from the threat quickly – getting to safety as the priority
  • Reporting unsafe interactions to trustworthy adults

 Following on from a day of learning, we’ll be heading out to a group dinner to celebrate everyone’s achievements!

Both the course and the dinner are completely free – but we have limited spaces!

You can fill out the registration form below to register your interest, or contact Shannon (shannon@yesdisability.org.nz) if you have any further questions.